Our Story

Sweetems Co. was born in Southeast Iowa. I was a new mother and I’d quickly discovered how exhausting it was. It suddenly hit me that I needed to find something that would give me a sense of escape from the demand of motherhood. 

Growing up, baking with my mother was one of my favorites memories. She was a single mother to seven children, so we didn't have the money to splurge on customized sweets. I learned to bake through my mother. As I grew up, baking was always something I enjoyed. It wasn't until my sisters sweet sixteen that I started my journey into decorating. 

My family and friends took notice of my talent in the baking world. They began asking me to help with special events. Eventually, Sweetems Co was born...just by my sheer desire to run a business that ignited passion in my heart. 

How Cookies Become Art

I use various mediums to master artwork for my craft. Painting, drawing, watercolor, and sketch-work all help me carefully create each design. The blank cookie dough has truly become my canvas. 
Why Penguins?

You may have noticed that my logo is a penguin. When I was a child my dad nicknamed me Chilly-Willy. I mean, I WAS born underwater. So you could say this name was pure destiny! So, penguins represent my nickname and the love I possess of the animal. In fact, I love these animals so much, every custom cookie order comes with a special logo cookie—tailored to match your design. 

Thank you for supporting this business. It was truly created with a passion to make your special life moments even more vibrant. And don’t forget to subscribe below so you don’t miss out on any colorful Sweetems updates!