Our Story

Sweetems Co. was born on a breezy fall day in Southeast Iowa. The green leaves of the trees outside my home were silently transforming red and yellow, as I groggily wobbled around the house. I was a new mother and I’d quickly discovered how exhausting it was. It suddenly hit me that I needed to find something that would give me a sense of escape from the demand of motherhood. Something that made me feel more like...me.

As I considered parenthood, memories of my own mother began dancing through my mind. I recalled how it felt to stand in the kitchen with her as the smell of sweet sugary cookies wafted through the air. We were poverty stricken when I was a kid. But those joyful afternoons baking with her made me feel otherwise. And now I see how they led me to discover a world of passion.

I grew older and my family and friends took notice of my talent in the baking world. They began asking me to help with special events, and I quickly became attracted to combining art with desserts. Eventually, my specialty baker’s company Sweetems Co was born...just by my sheer desire to run a business that ignited passion in my heart.


How Cookies Become Art

I use various mediums to master artwork for my craft. Painting, drawing, watercolor, and sketch-work all help me carefully create each design. The blank cookie dough has truly become my canvas. And it brings me so much joy, it often feels like I’m a child again.

Penguins...My First True Love

You may have noticed that my logo is a penguin. Here’s why...

When I was a child my dad nicknamed me Chilly-Willy. I mean, I WAS born underwater. So you could say this name was pure destiny! So, penguins represent my nickname and the love I possess of the animal. In fact, I love these animals so much, every custom cookie order comes with a special logo cookie—tailored to match your design.

I love my children and boyfriend, but penguins will always be deemed my first love. Shhh... don’t tell them.

Thank you for supporting this business. It was truly created with a passion to make your special life moments even more vibrant. And don’t forget to subscribe below so you don’t miss out on any colorful Sweetems updates!